Me, myself & i

I am married, have children both fury and 1 human form. Love taking pictures, of course! Have a huge heart. Grower and Producer of great pickles. Has traveled to 43 of the 51 states of America. Worked on a cruise ship for 6 years. Skated at the same ice arena as Tonya Harding. Loves the color pink but has a minor obsession with orange. Has a house goat who is potty trained. Real. Diesel trucks and the Northern lights are things I love to photograph too. I have no problem laughing at my self and believe some of the greatest moments are the unexpected, unpredictable ones.

My sessions are fun, easy going and meant to meet your ideal photos, they are YOUR pictures, so you should enjoy them. During a session I help with posing, props and ideas, also pre'session styling suggestions as well (birthday suits limited to 22 days old and younger only please, unless its boudoir, yes I do Boudoir as well). Kids?? I love them, and have a few suggestions for them to make sessions go smoother, they should have fun too! What about the big day? I'm a dreamer & will capture and also help make sure your wedding day is the most magical day possible! Then there is Life moments also known as lifestyle or documentary, although sometimes very intimate, I am very unobtrusive and will just capture the beauty in the moments for you to cherish forever, even while giving birth (trust me its really a beautiful thing to document). If you have something new and fun I am always open to exciting and fun new ideas and love challenging myself, so lets chat!